B2B Travel Portal

Manage individual customers, get real time status, promote offers easily with our ultimate B2B travel software solution.

What Is B2B Travel Portal ?


One of the most crucial aspects for any travel agent is an online B2B travel portal.

To develop quality operations we as a B2B travel portal development company teams up with the best developers to custom, develop the B2B travel portals for our clients.

A leading B2B online travel company that offers a complete suite of travel solutions to the online travel agents across the world. The company delivers its services through a powerful and scalable platform and complemented by advanced web and mobile technologies.

A B2B travel portal based on cutting-edge software has been made possible. It needs flexibility, adaptability, and integration with worldwide platforms. In reserving hotels, flight, car rental, or planning, the customers and companies expect fast and effective decisions.

B2B Travel Solution has been designed to cater the needs of Travel Partners enabling them to sell travel products online, giving them freedom of retaining their identity online.

B2B improves the ability of Tour Operators, Consolidators and furthermore Travel Agents to exchange their movement items productively to several business accomplices or sub specialists through an online B2B web-based interface.

Travel agents, tour operators and contractors selling services to other travel agencies can advantage greatly from our B2B travel solution website. B2B will help your travel business grow rapidly by offering a variety of services to the sub-agent network.

Why Travel Agency Needs Online B2B Travel Portal ?

We are one of India's foremost B2B travel portals, constantly evolving and adding value in business by giving it's distributors and agents the best technology, deals and a user-friendly platform to perform and reach their own financial freedom.

Our B2B online portal is a one stop travel shop offering access to all travel services including airline tickets, hotels, travel insurance, tour & excursions, holiday packages, car rentals and various other travel related services.

We provide consulting, development for all the aspects of B2B & B2C travel portal development and travel API integration for airline booking, hotel booking, travel packages, transfer booking, car rental, and cruise booking.

We provide all services containing Flights, Holiday Packages, Hotel Bookings, White Label/XML, Cruise Bookings and Visa too. We are a company which is Technology driven and we are focusing more on automation which will assist our agents to book fares at ease.

It is easily integrated into existing system of travel agents and allows them to upload own contracted products, adjust pricing and markup at runtime, generate agent wise reports, map banners and integrate third-party suppliers to access a large inventory of flights, hotels, tours from worldwide travel suppliers and provide their B2B customers with best rates and travel option to increase online bookings.

We create an online B2B Travel Agency platform to improve the ability of Tour Operators, Consolidators, and Travel Agents to distribute movement or accommodation items productively to various sub-specialists.

We accept its pride with B2B Travel Portal Designs and Development with 25+ GDS or Major LCCs API Integration. We ensure to provide you with important high-quality web designs integrated with booking engines of travel services and Travel Company CRM.

We enable travel agents to serve their customers with the right pricing and inventory to keep up on this promise and opening up newer avenues of revenues and convenience for travel agents.

Our B2B travel portal development service assists you handle the travel business effectively. Besides, it provides direct access to corporate customers and distributors to your web-based booking system.

The B2B travel portal provides an effective solution for travel agents and tour operators to make optimal decisions while booking hotels, flights, car rental, etc. It enables them to serve clients with the best pricing and inventory efficiently. Further, it enables travel agents to achieve customer satisfaction and increase sales.

Undoubtedly, we are the revolution that you’ve been looking for when it comes to B2B travel website development and B2B Travel Portal Development and booking flights, hotels, cruises, cars, travel agents and B2B business operators to book best deals at incredible prices has never been so smooth before than this.

How Do Travel Agents Benefit From An Online B2B Travel Portal ?

We are B2B travel portal development company all over the world. we are providing world class, highly advanced B2B website development solutions for travel agents at best prices.

We are providing worldwide B2B booking system powering global travel solution to travel partners to serve their clients efficiently, with the right pricing and inventory. Our technology help travel agents & corporate travels automate their business process, improve revenue stream and enrich their customer service experience.

Our B2B web portals help travel businesses of all sizes to work productively by executing well for a remarkable online presence. This business model is more profitable for B2B agents and their distributors as it follows them to interact with the particular customers of their niche.

Each B2B travel agent registration has a unique id and password to log in to the b2b travel portal, where they can make their bookings easily with their branding. Travel Agents can print and edit tickets in their own branding using our b2b white label travel portal.

B2B travel portal software can be integrated with leading GDS systems such as Amadeus, Travelport, Sabre and third party APIs / XMLs and LCCs. Demand of B2B travel portals is surging all over the globe.

Other advantages that are part of B2B systems are dynamic B2B interfaces, B2B2B management (agents can create & manage their own sub agents, define their mark-ups, product access etc.), agency management, online quotation management and many more cutting-edge money-spinning features.

It allows agents to securely access your live inventories, make reservations and issue instant confirmation for their end users. Handle agent markups, margins, credit limits, commissions and other business rules on single platform.

We create a dedicated online B2B travel portal or provide your corporate clients and distributors with direct access to your booking system with personal accounts, configurable markups and commissions. You can also enjoy unique multi-level distribution network functionality to distribute via several partner tour operators and sub-agencies.

The portal facilitates travel agents, tour operators, consolidators to run and collaborate with their B2C clients and B2B partners and suppliers. It is a 100% web based system.

Our IT team of our solution will help, design and integrate all a complete platform and booking engine for your company with B2B2B and B2B2B services which is included global flight and hotel booking and also airport transfer services with best net rates.

For more business growth it is necessary to grow it across the globe, it can provide you a better ratio of customers. We are having a professional and experienced team to develop customized B2B and B2B travel portal for your organization.

What Makes Us Standout As A B2B Travel Portal Development Company ?

Tired of looking for the best B2B travel portal development company and ambitious to expand your business? We are just the right platform for you.

Being a pre-eminent travel technology provider, we offer the best of its B2B services to travel agencies, travel operators, and travel organizations. We believe in creating a bond between two businesses and help them grow excessively.

Our B2B travel portal software development services is a next-gen travel and hospitality portal for all companies looking to step into an online travel business. It integrates with third-party suppliers via API, as well as your contracted inventory to help you offer your B2B clients a broad range of products at affordable rates.

Through our powerful and scalable B2B travel booking portal, we fill the gap between your travel agencies and business customers. Whatever be your need B2B, B2E, and B2C, our booking software includes all.

We understand that your online travel portal is the face of your business, so, our professionals listen to your particular requirements and build best-in-class B2C or B2B travel portal (as per your business model) that assist increase your ROIs.

We offer B2B white label travel portal that allows you to connect with other travel agents from your network and allow them to make travel bookings at discounted B2B rates on the portal using their own separate login access.

Our strong B2B Booking Systems have GDS API Integration or third party API integration that facilitates 24/7 travel solutions for flight booking, cruise booking, hotel booking and car booking.

Using the B2B travel booking portal your customers will not be able to book hotels and cars, they will be also able to book flights, cruises, holiday packages, and every other travel necessities.

In the b2b travel portal, you will get complete control for creating sub-agent logins, monitoring bookings, cancellations, adding a mark-up, check daily bookings made, cancellations and much more.

We represent the most comprehensive online travel portal for the travel business allowing our partners to serve their customers more efficiently, also features an inbuilt accounting and reporting system as well as several inventories integrated into the portal.

You can sell and distribute all forms of data related to flights, hotels, cars, packages for both domestic and international B2B clients. The White label B2b travel portal is like any other travel portal which surely to allows your customers to search and book online.

In the needs of the B2B Travel Portal, Travel Agency has access to third-party supplier’s inventories which want best B2B Travel Portal so travel agent can sell their travel product around the world through the sub-agent network and boost revenue.

We believe in bringing the best to our customers and enable them to serve efficiently to their customers. We have equipped the excellent of travel businesses around with not just right kind of tools but also with requisite business insights and marketing strategies.

The professionals develop latest features of B2B Booking Engines including package, tour, hotel, flight, visa, and so on to upload their own contracted products.

We are specialists in developing ticket booking software for SMEs and big businesses. If it is a ready-made solution or an essential B2B travel portal, we can help you by providing the services, which match all your needs.

What Are The Benefits Of B2B Travel Portal ?

Here are the B2B Travel Portal benefits

  • B2B Agents System
  • Maximize ROI
  • Simplify complex business processes
  • Increase business profitability
  • Easily manageable customer rights and permissions
  • Automated booking confirmation and processes
  • Agents can create the package through customization
  • XML Integration of several verticals such as Flight, Hotel, Transfer, Sightseeing, Cruise, and Car rental

What Are The Features of B2B Travel Portal ?

Here are the B2B Travel Portal features

  • Numerous management for Holidays, Hotels, Flights or Transfers.
  • Booking engines for Hotels, Flights, Holidays, Cruises, Activities and Transfer services.
  • Integrated shopping cart and payment gateways.
  • Live chat and feedback options for customers.
  • 24*7*365 booking support for all sub agents.
  • Registration and membership for customers.
  • Computerized back office panel for markup, commission, refund and cancellation Policy.
  • MIS Reports for the administrator.
  • MIS accounting management and manage markups.