GDS API Integration

Partner with us for best-in-class GDS API Integration Services. We specialize in GDS Integrations including Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport (Galileo, Apollo, Worldspan) allowing you to expand your travel offerings and grow your business.

What Is GDS API Integration ?


GDS API Integration is a global computerized reservation system that serves as a single interface for booking airline seats, hotel rooms, rental car services, etc. The GDS network contains all information about your services, including rate and availability information, as well as inventory.

GDS/API are third-party suppliers that provide access to travel inventory from various travel consolidators in the form of hotel rooms, flight tickets, rental cars, and so on. Customers and travel agencies can easily access the inventory online.

Customers and travel agents can view real-time availability and prices of flights, hotels, rental cars, etc in just a few clicks thanks to API and GDS integration.

A GDS collects and consolidates travel information from various service providers, allowing agents to book flights, hotel rooms, rental cars, and buses. You can also book cruises and ferries.

GDS platforms allow agents to access real-time hotel, airline, car rental, and railway and bus reservations. GDS connects all of these services across the three major travel reservation sectors (airline, hotel, and ground transportation, such as car rentals), as well as activities.

Individual travel agents, online agents, and travel agencies now use highly advanced GDS systems to find their clients the best available travel, accommodations, and rates. Agents will make real-time airline and hotel reservations for clients, and their research and bookings will be completed in minutes.

GDS Networks help travel companies, agents, and their customers gain access to the travel process by comparing rates, booking options, access schedules, and inventories (hotels, airlines, car rental, holidays, bus tickets, railway tickets), as well as providing customers with the ability to book tickets online.

Travel companies used GDS to find the best airline tickets, car rentals, and hotel rooms for their customers. Travel companies personalize information based on the customer's preferences and itinerary.

When customers gain access to a wide array of real-time content about flight fare, hotel, and accommodation availability, and make bookings quickly, the overhead is reduced. This allows you to provide a seamless experience to your worldwide clients.

Travel agencies are always looking for the best GDS XML/API integration services provider, and we strive to provide feature-rich, reliable, and responsive GDS/XML/API Integration to customers all over the world.

We are your one-stop-shop for all GDS integration needs. Whether you have signed for with Sabre, Amadeus, Galileo, or Travelport and Worldspan we offer the best of the solutions to our clients when it comes to GDS XML/API integration.

Why GDS API Integration is important for the travel and tourism business?

GDS XML/API integration has become an integral part of any online travel agency, providing access to live inventories worldwide for all aspects of travel and tourism, from hotel rooms to flight tickets, tours, car rentals, and so on.

During a travel portal development for your travel business, GDS/API integration in the website is essential for your online travel agency. It provides you and your customers' access to a large inventory of flights, hotels, tour packages, etc.

The GDS/API integration allows your customers to access large inventories on a single platform rather than going to different platforms to make different bookings. As a result, integrating GDS/API with your travel portal is essential for attracting and retaining customers.

GDS, or Global Distribution System, connects millions of providers to provide a centralized platform for bookings (flights, hotels, packages, and cars) to users worldwide.

It gives you access to thousands of airlines, hotels, buses, and other important travel content from all over the world. It is simple to integrate and expand on your existing travel offerings.

The advantages of XML/API/GDS integration services include increased access to customers worldwide, the ability to provide travelers with customized travel solutions, and increased sales, revenue, and brand recognition.

Which is the best Travel Technology Company for GDS API Integration?

We are one of the best GDS Integration Companies as recommended by market-leading travel industry experts. We specialize in GDS integration and have worked with Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan, and Travelport GDS systems.

We boost your business by providing the best solutions available through GDS System Integration. It is an appropriate technological choice for meeting the changing needs and demands of travel agents, suppliers, and travelers.

We are the GDS Integration Company that specializes in incorporating global distribution systems. We have a track record of successfully integrating GDS systems for an airline, hotel, car rental, and vacation bookings with B2B, B2C, and B2B2C options, as well as an admin module.

Our GDS Integration System will help your travel website book thousands of online flights, hotel rooms, and vacations. Our developers have already been involved in numerous projects with Amadeus GDS, Travelport / Travelport GDS, and Sabre GDS in airline reservation systems, car rentals, hotel reservation systems, and other travel sector services.

We deliver GDS Integration services as per the increasing demands of the travel Industry. We help you connect with hundreds of travel agents and millions of potential customers around the world.

Our experts provide best-in-class GDS development and integration services, allowing you to efficiently manage and scale your travel business while reducing costs and increasing ROI.

Our GDS Integrated Services assist 100+ travel agencies in booking thousands of flights, hotel rooms, and vacations online per day.

Allow us to provide you with the most cost-effective GDS API integration solution. We have a team of experts who can best serve you and assist you in accomplishing your business goals. We assist travel agencies in developing and offering the best market deals.

Popular GDS System in Travel Industry

Amadeus GDS

Amadeus is a highly recognized GDS provider, developing and transforming the travel industry through its marketplace. Amadeus GDS enables travel agents and organizations to better serve travelers and grow their businesses on a worldwide platform by assisting their customers in getting the optimum deal.

We have extensive experience integrating the Amadeus Web service, which provides unique functionality via SOAP/XML messages. By incorporating Amadeus web services into your booking engine, website, or application, you can consolidate real-time data for airlines, hotels, car rentals, and package tours.

Once integrated into your reservation system, the GDS will consolidate data such as availability and pricing. It’s a cost-effective way to develop and update your customizable booking option with detailed information.

Sabre GDS

Sabre is a popular travel technology company with a global reservation and distribution system for online travel agents (OTAs) and travel management companies. The Sabre GDS system allows you to book a wide range of flights, hotels, cars, trains, and cruises.

When you integrate Sabre into your application or travel portal, customers can shop across hundreds of alternate airports, thousands of hotels, vacation packages, and rental car suppliers.

Sabre's inventory includes over 400 airlines and 125,000 hotels, and it is used by over 400,000 travel agents worldwide. It has a record of processing over 1 million travel booking transactions every minute during peak season.

Travelport GDS

Travelport GDS is one of the most advanced GDS for travel domains, empowering travel agents and businesses to connect hotel, flight, car rental, vacation, and other travel inventory.

Travel agents employ Travelport GDS to find the best airline tickets, car rentals, hotel rooms, and so on for their customers. Travel agencies personalize and provide data based on the criteria and itineraries.

Travelport owns the GDS systems Worldspan, Galileo, and Apollo. Hotel owners and other travel companies can use the GDS system to distribute their inventory to travel agencies all over the world.

Galileo web services

Most travel companies, tour operators, and travel agents use the Galileo web service to book flights, hotels, rental cars, holidays, and cruises. Integrating the web service of Galileo has several benefits, it could make securing your ideal travel business with a gradual increase in revenue and greater stability.


Worldspan is a Travelport platform and the industry leader in web-based travel technology. It distributes its content to thousands of travel management companies, tour operators, and travel agencies worldwide. Worldspan enables travel companies to increase efficiency, reduce cost and generate revenue.

Abacus GDS

Abacus GDS is the largest GDS and computerized reservation system in the Asia-Pacific region, providing flight bookings, pricing, hotel, and car bookings, and other travel solutions.

Over 10,000 travel agents in 59 markets across the Asia Pacific use Abacus GDS software. It is linked with several airlines and hotels both locally and globally, including low-cost carriers.

Apollo GDS

Apollo is a global distribution system offering travel technologies and solutions to travel agencies, travel websites, travel suppliers, and corporations. The Apollo GDS gives travel agencies real-time status updates, allowing them to create customized packages and special offers.

What are the benefits of GDS XML/API integration?

The advantages of XML/API/GDS integration services allow travel agencies to have greater access to customers around the world, provide travelers with customized travel solutions, and increase sales, revenue, and brand visibility. Discover some of the advantages of integrating GDS APIs with your travel portal:

  • GDS APIs provide a large inventory for flight bookings, hotels, rental cars, tours, payment gateways, etc empowering travelers from across the globe to plan their travel with ease.
  • They also facilitate your online travel agency with target marketing by integrating with large suppliers based on geographical location.
  • Inventory is centrally managed.
  • Your online travel agency can incorporate various integrations in one system to access a large inventory.
  • GDSs enable the retail travel agency and OTA business models.
  • OTAs have greatly improved the consumer travel shopping experience and convenience, as well as increased pricing transparency.
  • Using the GDS system, travel agents/agencies can complete their search and book in minutes.

What are the features of the GDS API Integration?

  • Single window interface
  • Fast and easy connectivity
  • Targeting all travel agencies and agents successfully with the best rates and commissions
  • GDS simplifies information management.
  • Exposure of inventory on new distribution channels
  • Travel Agents & Agencies can access inventory anytime, anywhere
  • Book the most suited seat and services via GDS
  • Displays Global Hotels, Cars, and Airlines Inventory
  • GDS has the better data integrity capture
  • Content mapper and simple connectivity
  • Expand your scope easily with travel agents and agencies
  • 24 *7 travel agents receiving bookings
  • Data management and high availability in one location
  • Access for both B2C and B2B travel booking engines
  • Allows online bookings with real-time pricing and availability.
  • Best fares and commissions are available to travel agencies.
  • It provides a unified interface for all of your marketing needs.
  • OTAs have significantly improved the travel shopping experience and convenience for customers, as well as pricing transparency.
  • 24/7 access to travel agents and TMCs for their customer business travels.
  • Display worldwide inventory of Airlines, hotels, cruise, cars, etc.