Aggregate content from several car rental suppliers, add your own markups and sell them online through our booking engine.

What Is Car API ?


Car API is also called Rental Car API, Taxi Booking API, Car Booking API, is a service allowing travel agents to search for excellent car deals available and easily manage car rental reservations.

Since car rental is an essential part of the travel industry, it clearly makes sense to tie it into your travel or hospitality service. And Application Programming Interfaces or APIs can help you connect the dots fetching the required information.

Car Rental XML API Integration Company customizes the Travel XML API as per the client's needs and easily adapts the technologies to suitable your brand. Car Rental API Integration Company globally will provide all the support to integrate your website with APIs.

Whether you’re an OTA, a DMC or a Car aggregator, integrating Car rental APIs offers great revenue generating opportunities for you. Our Car Rental API Integration can help you provide online car booking engine to your clients, along with flight and hotel booking on the same portal under your own branding.

If you own a car rental company, this API can help you regulate your business using a cutting-edge car booking management system and provide instant booking solutions.

Why Car API Is Essential For Travel Agents And Tour Operators ?

Car API is a booming business. Most car APIs enable you to create packages that include car rental, flights and hotels. Several providers focus on car rental in their APIs, allowing you to leverage inventory from their own fleets or big car rental brands.

We are the one of the reputed car rental API providers who delivers the best car rental API integration to travel industries and empowers travel business. We have worked with various companies providing rental car and have many clients across the globe.

Our Car APIs allows the customers to book vehicles through Travel Portal Solution where a customer can search and look for the bookings made in dashboard which provides complete control where all the details are displayed.

We provide access to our car rentals API, directly connecting you with the inventories you require to build a powerful business. Our car booking API connects you to all the data you need to provide for your clients and end-users. Apart from offering a comprehensive data pool, users can benefit from the best fares on cars from worldwide suppliers.

We facilitates the travelers to select rental cars and complete reservations by providing the benefits of search, reservation and booking platform for car rentals. The easy access car rental API enables the traveler to fetch the required data of vehicle categories, types and availability for particular pick-up and drop-off locations with timings.

We have connected and integrated with top notch GDS Suppliers like Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport APIs for different clients. We offer especially adaptable Car Rental Software through which your customer can check vehicle openness and make online vehicle reservations through your webpage.

Choosing us as your API partner enables your clients to search, book, and cancel bookings for car rentals anywhere in the world. Our API integration provides retrieval of vehicle categories and availability of specified pick-up and drop-off facilities.

Connecting to the Right Car Rental XML service provides any company with a high speed access point for real time availability, pricing and car rental booking services. Once connected to our API you can book car rentals at any of our branches universally and receive instant confirmation.

It helps companies to expand significantly whilst saving time and money by means of innovative software solutions. It will take it’s customers way ahead of their competitors in the business.

Hence, by offering responsible car hire services along with hotel and flight bookings, your clients will prefer to work with just one agent as opposed to several who specialize in various areas.

Apart from offering specialized support, we ensure that you have the best car rental companies XML and API suppliers for your clients to choose from. The application is user-friendly and easy to run. The pricing is well structured at an affordable rate, thus making it a good option no matter the size of the travel agency.

Why You Should Choose Our Global Car API ?

Are you a developer or an IT company looking for Car API to build your own Travel portal or Mobile app? Then our Car API is the ideal solution for you.

We are the No.1 cloud based online booking solutions providers, providing complete car booking software, cab booking system and reservation system to rental car companies, taxi operators, travel companies etc.

We provide Car API Integration services and travel booking XML API technology solutions provider company all over the world, using our car rental APIs, agencies can easily earn money and start their own car booking platform.

Our Car Booking APIs directly connect you to all the information you need to create an innovative website or android or IOS app. Your customers will be able to take advantages of the best fares on cars from global suppliers.

We offer web services that allow you to integrate with our rich database of 240+ cities and 15600+ Vehicles inventory. Using our API you can access time to time updated data of your customer booking ( Driver name, Cab No, And driver contact no ).

We design and develop complete car booking engine for taxi companies and travel corporations as per their specific requirement. We provide seamless integration of XML / API for travel companies and agencies so that they benefit from a vast depository of information that can be stored in the database.

We provide a unified XML API interface where you can manage your complete inventory of third party suppliers from a single window, rather than connect to several systems and shuffling through various screens to access live fares.

Each Car rental APIs has a great rate and provides a variety of pick-up and drop-off options. Our Car APIs provide a robust booking platform, enabling travelers to book for rental cars to complete reservations online from anywhere.

We have best travel API solutions can customize the car API as per your business location and customer type. We will adapt our technologies to meet your brand and will provide all the support to integrate your website with APIs.

With the implementation of our Car API, we offer a strong reservation platform. This further enable visitors to book for car rental. The customer can rent a car from anywhere on the planet.

Our API system will help in tracking down a timely record of all the updated data about any customers booking. You will have every detail related to the booking such as the cab number, the name of the driver, and his contact details.

With this API, you can find out the price and type of car, for all car rental providers, in a particular geographical location. You can rapidly see the locations of car providers near a given point, and what cars are available to rent, and at what prices.

Integrating car suppliers API provides a whole bunch of benefits, from boosting your revenue, reducing your overall costs, providing rich travel content and improving the overall travel experience of your customers.

We understand travel agent’s requirements and issues and work with API provider’s technical team to provide end-to-end solutions. This Car API is based on our car pricing service that gets live availability from car providers, and is used to power a variety of airline and travel agency websites.

We facilitates the travelers to select rental cars and complete reservations by providing the benefits of search, reservation and booking platform for car rentals. The easy access car rental API enables the traveler to fetch the required data of vehicle categories, types and availability for particular pick-up and drop-off locations with timings.

Our Car API allows your customers to reserve vehicles through your site. A customer can define a search by car company name, type of vehicle or automobile equipment options.

We will provide you complete control over the admin area so you can decide on the commission fee, distribution channels and customers that you would like to target. Using our car rental APIs will enable travel agencies to track the availability of cars and rental options at locations near to them.

This API connects to several GDS providers. With them, it establishes an end-to-end online car rental portal. This global car APIs integration works for both small and large scale businesses in several countries.

Our professionals are having many years of experience in the travel sector. We provide best in class services to our customers thanks to our knowledge and understanding of this industry.

We are proud to be part of superior travel web development companies & brands in the world. As a result of technology, We offer fully-featured car rental API integration services to travel agencies by their website & mobile app.

We are serving the travel industry for years, and we aim to serve our customers demands. Contact us for a free quote on travel portal development and Car API integration services now!

What Are The Features Of Car API ?

The Features of Car API are

  • Easy to get started
  • One way, round trip, Local and Outstation trips
  • Simple and well documented
  • Largest car routes inventory
  • Super fast search speed and same results
  • Built with modern web technologies (REST, JSON, etc…)
  • Car Rental Booking Engine.
  • Car Rental Reservation System.
  • Connectivity with various supplier
  • Channel Management

What Are The Benefit Of Car API ?

Car rental software brings great benefits to the car rental business. The benefits of the Car Booking API are

  • Car Booking API is very User Friendly.
  • The API provides an easy booking system.
  • Car Booking API also assists in cost savings.
  • Car reservation API provides 24/7 customer support.
  • Car Booking API provides high-security services to the client.
  • Car Booking API provides entire control.
  • The API provides a transparent and simple booking process.
  • This API also provides instant confirmation updates regarding bookings.
  • The API provides simplicity in the XML web services.
  • This API has a simple setup and flexible integration.
  • It provides the excellent customer service.
  • This API helps to create the solutions that best meet the business needs.
  • Car Booking API provides first-class support to the customers such as a dedicated account manager and engineering support team.